Multi-layered security

In addition to Almas Tower’s stringent security measures, our vault is connected directly to the Dubai Police, secured with vibration sensors, alarms, and CCTV cameras.

Convenient opening hours

We remain open longer than any bank-managed safety deposit facilities and offer further extended visiting hours upon special request.

Complete insurance coverage

Each locker is insured for AED 1,000,000, with the option of additional coverage at the client’s discretion. The client will receive an insurance certificate directly from the insurer for the chosen value.

The perfect blend of security, comfort, and luxury

Unlike a bank, 818 Vault is designed for complete viewing comfort and safety, with a jeweler's table, comfortable seating, and mirrors.

Jewellery-handling expertise

As gemologists, we go much beyond just secure storage. We offer a complete range of services to care for our clients’ jewellery, backed by decades of trusted expertise.

"Security is not having things, it's handling things."

– Susan Jeffers