About 818 Vault

First-of-its-kind safe deposit facility

818 Vault’s world-class service surpasses bank lockers and other standard safety deposit locker options.

  • High Security
818 Vault is a first-of-its-kind safe deposit facility where you can store your valuables in the comfort and convenience of a luxury high-security vault.
  • Storage Solution
Managed by one of the UAE’s leading gemologists, 818 Vault offers a superior, all-encompassing storage solution to meet your every safekeeping need.
  • Beyond Storage
The vault goes beyond just secure storage and offers a full range of additional services, including insurance, care, and repair for deposited jewellery and more.
  • Luxury Experience
In addition to complete security and privacy, 818’s clients experience unparalleled luxury and complete peace of mind that their valuables are in the right hands.
About the Founder

Vikram Jethwani

818 Vault is conceptualized and founded by Vikram Jethwani, a certified Graduate Gemologist, and a third-generation jeweler. Vikram is also Managing Director of Universal Pearls & Jewels DMCC, and one of the forces behind Vik Jethwani Fine Jewellery, a contemporary jewellery line that is making waves amongst new-age fine jewellery buyers.

Being a practiced, qualified jeweler and coming from an extensive jewellery business management background, Vikram wanted to create an exclusive facility that surpasses all expectations. Vikram assures 818 Vault’s clients the impeccable care and service they deserve for themselves and their valuables.